Development Roadmap

Here’s a list of upcoming features to MMA Simulator in no particular order:

  1. Multiple organizations
  2. Better default profile pictures
  3. Better file selection window (may not be possible due to engine limitations)
  4. Ability to view and buy out other gyms and their fighters
  5. Default gym logos to choose from
  6. Log for all moves executed while watching a fight (toggle button)
  7. Random events (Bonuses, suspensions etc.) Option on creating new games.
  8. Further implementing gym prestige (will affect fighters coming to train at your gym)
  9. Easier to read fighter profiles (highlighted color code for attributes)
  10. Fighter popularity (This will affect contracts / gym prestige)
  11. Monthly or weekly training report to help visualize how a fighter’s skills are progressing
  12. Sort recruiting screen by clicking on headers
  13. Gym screen improvements to include top fighters.
  14. Pausing fights, also allowing them to be controlled by pressing space bar to progress the fight.
  15. More detailed event summary (Showing ranking as well as new record)
  16. Finance tracking (Showing where your gym’s money is being spent)
  17. More detailed contract management (Base pay / win bonuses / PPV bonuses etc.)
  18. Demo version
  19. Mod support (This may take a while, but looking into it)
As you can see there’s a lot on the roadmap. My biggest priority will be fixing any bugs and making the game experience better as I go through this list.