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New Beta Build Notes

Here's where the notes for each build will go. (I'll post them in Discord as well)


  • Build 1.01

    Fixed fight crash (null variable calculation)
    Fixed characteristic / skill points not replenishing on fighter creation
    Fixed blank fighter background crash on fighter creation
    Fixed potential crash with judging
    Added redirect to fighter profile after fighter creation

  • Build 1.02


    Fixed newly created fighters not showing up in training screen
    Fixed incorrect date on new games
    Fixed fight stats not populating correctly
    Fixed gym rent / expansion costs not calculating correctly
    Fixed names from being duplicated (caused issues seeing fighter stats in their profile)


    Revamped stats to not use ratios / display total strikes / re-design to use profile pics
    Turned on tooltips by default (Explains aspects of the game, look for [ ? ] button next to things.

  • Build 1.03


    Fixed wrong event popping up.
    Fixed events being skipped (say there were two events in a week and the week button was pressed)
    Fixed event results not saving
    Fixed crash when advancing days (training calculation error)

    Gameplay changes:

    Lowered fatigue from events
    Lowered fatigue from training

    Ranks are not working correctly (going to the rank page after an event will crash the game)
    New events are not populating correctly partially due to the above

  • Beta build 1.04


    Fixed bug with Arm Triangle subskill being available when kicking is selected on training (Thanks @TomTalksMMA!)
    Fixed bug where unrelated subskills can be selected when changing fighter on training (Thanks @TomTalksMMA!)
    Fixed rank bug after events that would cause the game to crash when selecting ranks on the menu
    Fixed bug where new events would not create after all previous ones had run / game would crash
    Fatigue now shows on the fighter training screen when a fighter is selected

    Quality of Life / Gameplay changes:

    Training screen - Subskills can be selected again to deselect them instead of having to select a new skill to reset) - Thanks @TomTalksMMA for the suggestion!
    Training screen - select day boxes to update them specifically instead of only using the top menu - Thanks @TomTalksMMA for the suggestion!
    Lowered fatigue from training
    Made injuries less likely to occur

  • Beta build 1.05


    Fixed bug where watching fights would cause issues with the event results screen / crashes
    Fixed bug where firing coaches did not fire the correct coach
    Fixed bug where number of coaches did not update on gym screen - Thanks Westerby!
    Fixed bug where expanding gym was not subtracting / adding the correct amounts - Thanks Westerby!
    Fixed bug where downsizing gym was going into negative values for monthly expenses - Thanks Westerby!
    Fixed bug where buying equipment was not deducting the correct amount - Thanks Westerby!
    Fixed bug where coaches were being generated with no expertise

  • Beta build 1.06


    Fixed bug where buying equipment would make the training bonus HUGE - Thanks switchedondem!
    Fixed bug where draws for the main event were displaying incorrectly on event results.
    Multiple organizations are back! Massive changes to event generation / population.
    Fixed bug on recruit screen where coach listing would be incorrect if other options were selected.
    Fixed bug on recruit screen with '0' organization being listed.
    Fixed bug on fighter stats screen where strikes weren't properly listed for the second fighter.
    Fixed bug on fighters screen where the wrong fighter would display (duplicate name) and no stats would either.

    Quality of Life / Gameplay changes:

    Event dates should not be cutting off on event screen.
    Lessened chance of injuries.
    Reduced fatigue gain from training.
    Increased fighter background text diversity massively- Thanks Westerby for the contribution!

  • Beta build 1.07 (Incompatible with old saves, start a new game)


    Fixed possible infinite loop when replacing fighters for events
    Fixed mail not getting deleted from DB
    Fixed recruit screen skill value decimal places (no more 59.43232 etc.)
    Fixed fatigue value decimal places on fighter screen

    Quality of Life / Gameplay changes:

    Autosave is now in under options.
    Fighters will now be cut from their organization if 3 or more fights are denied
    Fighters will be scouted by organizations and sent offers that can be accepted or rejected

    Tweaked fatigue from training again (was too little)
    When your fighters win, a cut of that money will go to your gym!
    Fighters can now be released from your gym from the fighter profile screen!

    TO DO:

    Contracts don't expire on their own, working on it.

  • Beta build 1.08 is live! (Incompatible with old games, new one necessary)


    Changed how mail works to prevent errors.
    Changed event population to avoid infinite loops
    Fixed crash bug offering fighters contract from previous changes
    Fixed duplicate names affecting player fighter screen
    Fixed saving women's bantamweight fighters (SQL syntax issue with apostrophe)
    Fixed being able to offer contracts to fighters in other gyms

    Quality of Life / Gameplay changes:
    Contracts now expire! You will get a 1 month notice before the fighter is a free agent.
    Fighter perks can now be changed on the training screen
    Edit mode can be toggled from the option screen - enables edit button on all fighter profiles
    Custom portraits can now be assigned to fighters!
    Judging no longer uses ratios for strikes and takedowns - uses total landed now for more accurate results

    TO DO:

    Working on making editing subskills for fighters possible to do

  • Beta build 1.09 is live! (Incompatible with old saves, start a new game)

    Quality of Life / Gameplay changes:

    Steam Auto Cloud save enabled - saves are automatically synched to the Steam Cloud
    The initial achievements are in!

    Fighter subskills can now be edited.
    Fighter ages are now factored into their fighting performance:
    In their mid 30s (except heavyweights) their performance will begin to decline.

    Fighter profile:
    Fighter career earnings are now displayed
    Fighter skill potentials (in your gym) can now be checked if your coaches have high enough expertise in the skill (within 10 of the fighter's skill)

    Raised maximum values for initial coach generation (they can have higher expertise than before)

  • Beta build 1.10 is live! (New game required)

    Event detail screen crash fixed. (Was not using new profile image loading)
    Fixed bug with mail causing crash.
    Fixed event popup code crash (Was not using new profile image loading)
    Fixed event result creash (Was not using new profile image loading)
    Fixed crash due to not all gyms having coaches assigned.
    Fixed intermittent issue with classes table not creating properly. (Created games would not load)
    Fixed small bug with checkboxes in options not displaying properly.

    Quality of Life / Gameplay changes:

    Database creation screen now shows loading progress

    Classes are in! Classes are an extra form of income for your gym.

  • Beta build 1.11 is live!


    New fighters not creating properly - had not been updated with new contract code. Thanks Westerby!
    Crash when the month would change - related to the above, thanks Westerby!
    Fixed fight 5 results returning blank on event results screen.
    Fixed date menu buttons being unresponsive after watching a fight.
    Made Singularity Fighting Championships shorter to avoid issue with not selecting the right event preview.

    Quality of Life / Gameplay changes:

    Made draws less likely to occur.
    There is now an HP and Energy bar when watching fights.
    HP has been rounded on the fight screen (no more 244.340892 HP etc.)
    Started adjusting damage calculations on strikes (JUST BLEED)
    Classes now have expenses, money was too fast before. (expenses are half the price you set)

  • Beta build 1.12 is live!


    Fixed year not going up properly - Thanks joji!
    Fixed player fighters not getting fight contracts after the initial three - Thanks joji!
    Fixed bug where game would crash on selecting Women's Bantamweight division champion during event population(Weird apostrophe issue)
    Fixed bug where not all gyms were having coaches assigned which could cause crashes
    Prevented fatigue from going negative.
    Fixed fighters getting overbooked for nonexistent events (caused issues with filling events, crashes)
    Fixed incorrect profile pics on event popup screen

    Quality of Life / Gameplay changes:

    Gym equipment is now more expensive.
    Energy cost on some strikes has increased.
    On the event popup screen your fighters will now have asterisks next to their name - Thanks for the suggestion joji!
    Extending a fighter's contract increases their happiness

  • Beta build 1.13 is live!


    Game has been converted to Godot 3 - this fixed some crashes caused by the old engine.
    Fixed incorrect fighters being selected from fighters screen. (caused by duplicate names)
    Fixed possible bug with watching newly created fighters fight.
    Fixed bug where training screen would crash if you had no fighters.
    Fixed bug with incorrect fight 10 results.
    Fixed bug where additional coaches to recruit were not being generated.
    Fixed bug with not being able to hire coaches.
    Fixed corrupt fighter profile images (coming up invisible)
    Fixed image loading (however, due to the new engine only .png files can be used)

    Quality of Life / Gameplay changes:

    Raised expenses on classes.
    Lowered initial gym money and income
    Coaches now leave the gym if their loyalty drops below 3
    Fighters now leave the gym if their happiness drops below 3
    Whenever one of your fighter wins a fight, you'll receive a message with how much they won.
    Improved male fighter profile pictures.
    A new comprehensive guide is available on (also available from the options screen)

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