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New to the beta? Read this!

edited August 2018 in Beta Testing

[This is the opening message I sent everyone, but just for visibility I am posting it here as well.]

Closed beta is here! Here's some info:

First off, expect bugs to happen and a LOT of things that need improvement. I'm aware of multiple existing bugs now, but they are taking some time to fix and it was time to get the ball rolling on beta.


  1. If a bug occurs, be as detailed as possible in your post about it (I was doing X and then Y happened)
  2. If you see something that is wrong or could be improved, post it! (But also give me a suggestion on what would be better)
  3. Feature requests - if you have a great idea, share it. My main focus right now is making what is in game already rock solid before I move on to new features though.

That's about it as far as feedback goes - if you're wondering how else you can help, there's one big thing:

Talk about the game, anything helps. Retweets, Reddit or Facebook posts etc.

Obscurity is probably one of the biggest reasons indie games don't make it (aside from quality, and with your help I can make MMA Simulator the best damn MMA sim game out there!)

You are more than welcome to hop in the Discord as well:

Thank you for the support and I look forward to hearing from you!

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