Quickstart Guide

Here’s a basic guide to get you started – the main guide can be found here

  1. Starting a new game:


On the first screen, click ‘New Game’ and fill out the file name, gym name, and manager name. Right now the number of organizations is limited, but choosing up to 3 will be in soon. Gym logo is optional. Click create game.

Here you will see a gray screen that the game will sit at while it generates everything. If your processor is older / not fast, this will take up to five to ten minutes. If it is at least an i5 it should take two to three. NOTE: if this process is interrupted, the game will be incomplete and fighters, events, gyms etc. will be missing.

A good way to make you have a full size database (everything loaded correctly is to go under
AppData\Roaming\Godot\app_userdata\MMA Simulator and look at the database file. It should be at 431 kb or very close to it.

  1. First things to do in game:

Check your mail – you probably have some fight offers that need to be accepted or denied. If they are ignored, your fighter will be replaced and have a fight denial on their record.

IMPORTANT: If you sim past the week your fighters get sent contracts you will miss them!

Set up your fighters training – this is under the training menu. They all have a training schedule by default.

Recruit fighters to fill up your gym as you see fit

Recruit better coaches as you gain more money or train your current ones! The higher skilled a coach is, the faster your fighters will learn and the better you will be able to judge their potential.

If you want to create a fighter or even fill your gym up with them – this is available under options -> Create fighter

Creating events is also available under options depending on how you want to play the game!

  1. General notes:

Saves are not automatic unless set in the options screen. To save your game you need to click the floppy disk icon in the top right hand part of the screen.

For events or training to occur, advance the date using the ‘>’ ‘>>’ ‘>>>’ buttons at the top which are the day / week / month buttons respectively.