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MMA Simulator will give you the chance to live out your dreams of being a MMA fighter or even running a gym of fighters chasing championships.

Control every aspect of training down to characteristics, skills, and even specific strikes to build the best fighter. Expand your gym in size as well as equipment and coaching. See a fighter you think has potential? Recruit them.

Create your dream fighter, whether that’s a…

  • Striker
  • Wrestler
  • Submission artist
  • All around

Build the stats and skills to define your fighter’s style.

You can even change the profile picture of every fighter.

Incredibly detailed simulation

MMA Simulator uses a wide range of factors to determine how a fight plays out. You can even corner your fighters and yell out instructions!

No other MMA simulation uses such detailed calculation.

All of these can be trained individually to build the optimal fighter.

Just be careful to avoid injuries during a fight camp!

Create your own events

Want to run your own organization? 

You can even create your own events and super fights with every fighter in the game.

Make the fights you want to see!

MMA Simulator is one of the most detailed MMA manager games available with thousands of lines of code to simulate the experience of managing fighters.

Its unique approach to the general manager genre sets it apart from others. 

If you enjoy mixed martial arts and spreadsheet style games like Football Manager: this is for you.


  • Is there DRM?

None at all.

  • Is the game still being updated?

MMA Simulator completed development in 2021. 

However, the game will still be patched for any reported issues.