How to edit the database

Want more control over every aspect of the game? The database is completely unlocked and easy to change. You can also share your database with anyone you want!

How to open and find the database:

Download a SQLite Database browser such as DB Browser for SQLite and navigate to your AppData\Roaming\Godot\app_userdata\MMA Simulator\ and select the database file to edit.

A shortcut to get to the appdata folder is to enter %appdata% for the location in windows explorer and hit enter.

How to make changes once you have the database open:

First, go to the table you want to change. I’ll use organization name as an example field I want to change, so I need to go to the organizations table.

Now that I’m in the organization table, I need to change the first organization’s name to “You Eff Cee” – 1. I double click on the name and write that in the 2. box on the right and click apply. After that just click 3. write changes to save it to the database!

Note: The game will have to be restarted to show any changes you make if it is open while you make them.