The training screen is where you can schedule your fighter’s training. If only one week is selected, that week will be repeated for the whole month. Otherwise the training will run according to the number of weeks you have set.

Presets can make training much easier and less tedious. Selecting a preset will automatically fill out the week’s schedule.

Managing a fighter’s fatigue is crucial – the higher it gets, the more prone they are to injury which will take them out of training and out of consideration for future events.

You can also have your fighters spar light or hard- light sparring is great for measuring a fighter’s skill, where hard sparring is great for increasing their fight IQ – fight IQ helps them choose the attacks they have the most skill in a fight. However, hard sparring increases fatigue much more than light sparring does.

Fighter skill potential

Every fighter has a built in skill potential that limits them. Once they hit this limit, their skills will not progress further. To analyze a fighter’s potential, go to their profile and check it there. The more skilled your coaches, the more you will be able to tell.

Further notes

The higher the skill, the longer it takes to improve.